Panta Rei Dance Theatre (PRD) is a Norwegian contemporary dance theatre company based in Oslo, Norway. The company was established in the year of 2000. Since then the company has produced sixteen performances and managed a number of large-scale dance projects. Alongside our artistic and outreach work, the company runs a development programme for young, professional dance talents. The company is known for its fast- paced colourful dance theatre performances that are accessible to a wide range of audiences in a variety of theatrical and non-theatrical spaces.

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Our vision: Get ready to be moved!

Panta Rhei…everything flows, everything is in movement… The Greek philosopher Heraclitus argued that “no man ever steps in the same river twice”, as the river is in constant movement, constant transformaton. Panta Rei Dance Theatre’s vision is funded on the idea that human beings and the society in which we live are constantly changing and developing, and on a sincere wish to move and change people through dance.

We believe in the transformational power of dance, we believe that meetings through dance make us into more complete and reflective human beings, both emotionally, aesthetically and socially. Our vision Get ready to be moved! therefore underpins our every way and work. PRD has one of the most diverse audiences in Norway and in 2017, the company was nominated for Norwegian Audience Development Prize.

In 2020-2022, PRD will create three new works. In addition to these productions, the company will create numerous outreach programs and public art projects with a focus on reaching new audiences.

The company tours nationally and internationally, building long-term relationships with partners and projects.

In 2019, Panta Rei Dance Theater presented 162 performances nationally and internationally to over 7,500 spectators. In the same year, the company held 90 workshops for over 2054 children and young adults, in addition to leading the TILT project which involved more than 10,000 spectators and over 5000 participants in 171 workshops.

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Quotes about Panta Rei Dance Theatre:

«Panta Rei has a clear artistic profile. Over the years, they have shown a willingness to renew and develop. They associate with dance artists with high technical execution ability at the same time as they are door openers for new audience groups. They meet the audience both with art projects, the performances that are the very core of their activity, and through the important work they do related to touring activities and dance development projects, especially with a focus on children and youth »,
- Janne Langaas, Teatersjef, Teater Innlandet

“We find Panta Rei Danseteater to be one of the most rewarding companies to work with because of their very high quality work and the positive, flexible attitude of both dancers and administrators”,
- Roger Werner, director, Villages in Action, UK

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Anne Holck Ekenes

Artistic Director / CEO

+47 920 12 264


Anne is educated at Laban Center London: MA in choreography, dance for camera and performance. She has danced with Transitions Dance Company and Attik Dance, and worked with choreographers such as Jamie Watton (UK), Allen Kaeja (Canada), Lois Taylor (UK) and Noa Dhar (Israel). Anne founded Panta Rei Dance Theater (PRD) in 2000 and has since led a number of projects and choreographed works for both stage and experimental film.

Photo: Tale Hendnes

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Pia Holden

Managing Director

+47 920 98 897

Pia is a graduate of the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg and the Joffrey Ballet School in New York. She has danced for the New York Dance Ensemble and choreographers such as Jo Strømgren, Lise Eger and Lise Nordal. Pia has also worked with various choreographers in Brazil, including Cristina Moura. In addition to choreographing for stage, Pia has choreographed aerial acrobatics for the opening of the Nobel Peace Center. Pia has danced with, choreographed and collaborated on the of PRD since 2005.

Photo: Tale Hendnes

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Silje Bævre Lian

TILT-coordinator / Producer / Tourplanner

+47 905 39 637

Silje B. Lian has been involved in PRD since the summer of 2009. She is a dancer in the company and also works administratively for Panta Rei Dance Theater. Silje has a BA from the University of Stavanger and an MA from Laban Center London. She has been a dancer for Transitions Dance Company,
and participated in several productions for Dybwikdans. In addition, she has performed with Inclusive Dance Company and Rogaland Teater. At Panta Rei Dance Theater, she has been involved in the implementation of several projects over the years and now works as a producer for the company.

Photo: Tale Hendnes

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Anders Rohlan Småhaug

Producer (international relations) / Social Media Manager

+47 980 55 685

Anders is a graduate of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts with a BA in modern – and contemporary dance, and works as a dance artist and producer.
He has been an mentee in the Actor & Dancer Alliance’s mentoring program 18/19 and worked as a dance artist for Panta Rei Dance Theater in the talent development program TILT Grow. Anders has been involved in Panta Rei Dance Theater since 2019, first as a dance artist, and now as Social Media Manager and Producer with the main focus on international relations.

Photo: Tale Hendnes

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Margrethe Nandrup Rylander

Project Manager TILT Grow/ Producer / Communication

+47 954 98 895


Margrethe Nandrup Rylander is a graduate of the Norwegian Dance Academy and works as a dance artist and producer. As a dance artist, she has done several projects of her own where she has worked both as a dancer and choreographer, her latest project was “In a few words”. In her work as a producer in the free field, Margrethe has worked with; winter guests, TekstLab, Siri & Snelle, Harald Beharie and Louis Schou-Hansen, Yaniv Cohen, Janne Eraker and Norwegian Dance Artists. Margrethe has been involved with Panta Rei Dance Theater since 2017.

Photo: Tale Hendnes

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Hilde Annette Aakre

Project Manager TILT Grow / Adviser

+47 986 23 533

Hilde Annette Aakre is a musicologist and social scientist specializing in dissemination and contemporary literature for children and young people. Hilde Annette is previously general manager of ASSITEJ Norway. She has been festival director and responsible for the development of SAND International Performing Arts Festival for a young audience. Hilde Annette has many years of experience with program work and professional development in the field of performing arts. In addition, she has worked as a freelancer with an emphasis on art production and dissemination, and she has also worked for 25 years as a choir conductor. Hilde Annette has been involved in PRD since 2019.

Photo: Tale Hendnes

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Peter Brian Albers

Technical manager / Light designer

+47 415 61 728


Peter has been working with stage lighting since 1991. Through his work as technical manager in Asker kulturhus, board operator in Oslo Nye Teater and Centralteatret, as a freelance lighting designer and lighting manager in Bærum Kulturhus, he has been given an interest and experience within contemporary dance. This has resulted in cooperation’s with significant choreographers and dance companies. Peter has worked with PRD since

Neil Nisbet


+ 44 7903 4480 88


Neil is a former professional dancer turned film maker has been working with the company since 2010 creating documentaries, images and dance films for Panta Rei’s diverse range of projects.