2005 - 2020 — PROJECTS

Frie Fraspark gives students an impactful encounter with dance and dance professionals. Students attend workshops in creative dance, create their own choreographies and participate in performances. The Frie Fraspark project will continue to run throughout 2020.


2020 marks the eighth successful year of the Frie Fraspark project. Through the project, pupils in primary schools receive a direct, hands-on encounter with dance and dance professionals. Students have the opportunity to attend workshops in creative dance, choreograph their own dances and participate in performances. Pupils choreograph under the guidance of the company and perform their work to their school peers and teachers, alongside a professional performance by PRD.

Participants in the project are not required to have any previous knowledge or experience of dance. Frie Fraspark expands the students’ experience and understanding of dance as an expressive art and improves their knowledge of music and physical education.

In the last seven years, over 28,000 children and youth have participated in workshops and performances with PRD through the Frie Fraspark project. All students in years 6 and 9 in Skedsmo County have benefited from this opportunity.

Teachers’ Seminar

Frie Fraspark includes teaching seminars and courses in creative dance teaching for all schools in Skedsmo County. The courses are followed up with the provision of learning tool packages that can be applied and developed by teachers after the project has ended.

The core concepts of choreographing, performing and reflecting form the basis of all the workshops and seminars. The themes used as stimuli in the workshops are linked to the themes and content of PRD’s performances.