Audition TILT Grow 2023


Rommen Scene 4. December / audition
Dansens Hus 5. December / interview


Panta Rei Dance Theater is looking for professional dance artists for the talent program TILT Grow in 2023. The program is particularly aimed at dance artists with an interest in projects that contribute to an increased interest in dance among the population. Dance artists from Østfold and those with hearing impairment will be prioritized.

The application must contain:
1) CV, photo, video of solo work/film that clearly shows your artistic work, A letter of motivation (min. ½ A4 page and max. 1 A4 page) that says something about why this program is important to you.
2) Name of at least one choreographer and one mentor that you would like to work with and why. (Note that this point will not be decisive for application processing. The letter of motivation will be given great weight.

NB! We only accept links to Vimeo. (Minimum 5min – maximum 10min). All documents are sent together in a PDF.

Send the application to by Sunday 13 November 2022.
On the basis of the submitted application and video material, an invitation to audition is sent to relevant applicants. The invitation relates to an in-person audition at Rommen Scene on 4 December and an interview at Dansens Hus and 5 December. All applicants will receive a reply, even those who are not invited to an audition.
We should emphasize that the motivation to participate in the program is very important.

TILT Grow #6
In 2023, the TILT Grow talent program will be launched for the sixth time. The program is supported by Talent Norge and Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, and is in collaboration with Dansens Hus and Teater Manu. The program in 2023 will focus on Østfold and Oslo.

We are looking for exceptional dance artists with strong performing skills and professional experience/relevant education. You must have 3 years of dance education and/or be able to show professional work that extends over 3 years.

Auditions are open to dancers within a range of genres, and the dancer must be at a high technical level within their genre. We clarify that the program’s artistic roots are in the genres of dance theater and contemporary dance.

For the programme, we want a diverse group in terms of cultural background, genre background, identity and gender expression. We value individuality, strong performing and creative skills and/or artistic distinctiveness. We work with renowned choreographers and mentors. The talents who get a place in the program will:

● receive guidance from a mentor throughout the project year 2023,
● be a co-creative performer in a solo prepared in collaboration with a recognized choreographer,
● participate in a tour of Oslo, Østfold and Akershus and take part in the third edition of Panta Rei Danseteater’s venture “Oslofjorden danser”,
● follow a series of seminars on managing your own artistry,
● gain valuable project management experience and be responsible for a wide range of projects.

“This year we tailor TILT for Oslo, Østfold and Akershus with an artistic ambition to create exciting dance together with exceptional performers and a group of choreographers whom we admire and believe will challenge and inspire the participants in the TILT Grow program”, says artistic director in Panta Rei Dance Theatre, Anne Ekenes.

The seminar series will mainly take place in the spring of 2023, as well as some in the autumn. The time for the mentor meetings will be agreed between talent and mentor. The first creative period will last two weeks with a goal of creating a solo of 5 minutes in length. This period must be completed in May/June. Tour and implementation of projects within TILT will last up to 4 weeks in June and in the period August-October 2023.

For the dancers selected for the talent program in 2023, solo production, project management and touring during TILT Grow will be remunerated. The seminars, training and mentoring meetings are free. Travel and accommodation in connection with production weeks in Oslo are not covered. You should preferably be based in Eastern Norway. Travel is covered for participation in seminars based on discretionary assessment (depending on where the participants come from and how far this is from the seminar location).

About TILT Grow:
TILT Grow is one of PRD’s main initiatives and aims to promote outstanding performances in dance theatre/contemporary dance, as well as make the participants more viable in a field that is constantly changing. Six professional dancers will be selected to participate in a one-year talent program. The program must annually produce one or more works for and with the talents in the programme. The performances will follow the large-scale TILT project on tour to host municipalities, cities, cultural centres and stages in the region where the project is being carried out. The participants will plan and implement a wide range of projects as part of the program and through this acquire expertise in project management. The program contains a mentoring scheme, as well as several gatherings/seminars where the participants meet artists and other relevant professionals who have been successful in their field.