Panta Rei Danseteater, Norske Dansekunstnere and Danseinformasjonen putting dance on the agenda


We are launching a series of interviews to make dance visible to the public and bring you engaged voices.

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With our interview series “We need to talk about dance”, Panta Rei Invites Danseteater, Norske Dansekunstnere and Danse information to explain how we can ensure sustainable conditions for the profession in the years ahead. At beginning of February, 2022, Norske Dansekunstnere and Danse information launched a report “Dance artists’ finances and working conditions during the corona pandemic 2020” which, among other things, confirms the very negative consequences the pandemic has had for dance artists and dance art.

The report states that as many as 40 per cent have considered quitting the profession or have already done so as a result of the pandemic. The disturbing numbers are a concern to the whole field. Kristine Karåla Øren, Federation Leader of Norwegian Dance Artists, is worried about recruitment considering the current economic reality.

“These findings supports our own knowledge of the dance art field. In short, one can say that the profession was very underfunded and lacking in institutional support long before the pandemic occurred. This clearly contributes to an unpredictable and unsafe economic and working life for dance artists,” says Karåla Øren.

Panta Rei, Norske Dansekunstnere and Danse information now want to put dance on the agenda, so we have launched the interview series “Let’s talk dance" with we aim to talk about the role of dance and the important social missions the profession encompasses.


Photo by Tale Hednes

“Panta Rei are proud to join forces with Norske Dansekunstnere and Danse information on an initiative that invites a multitude of Norwegian dance artists and institutions to think out loud, critically and constructively about the field that means so much to all of us,” says Anne Holck Ekenes, CEO and Artistic Director.

Highlighting dance in public.

We are all committed to building bridges within the dance field. Encouraging, and facilitating, joint and unifying initiatives within the Norwegian Dance Artists and The Dance Information Mandate. Something Panta Rei has 21 years of experience with through artistic projects. The company wants to gather the dance field into a joint initiative that can raise our awareness as we fight for something greater than ourselves. With the interview series “Let’s talk dance”, we hope to initiate a constructive and vigorous conversation, bring people together and facilitate a community in a challenging time. There is an opportunity to agree and disagree here and we welcome all input. We have already interviewed a number of professionals and hope the series inspires more people to give their thoughts.

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“We all need to talk about the dance. It is necessary to discuss, be present, mean and cheer for an art form Norway cannot afford to lose,”
Anne Ekenes.

We must not forget the big picture

The interview series will be followed up with discussions, meetings and relevant events where the dance field together can help build detailed record of ideas. The initiatives aim is to safeguard the profession and at the same time ensure better conditions for tomorrow’s dance artists.

“Artistic work, talent initiatives, projects with the non-professional layer as well as institutional development must be seen in the context of each other,” says Anne, adding:

“We believe that too often we are invested in one of these areas at a time, and thus we lose the whole that can ensure both sustainability and relevance.”

What does dance need to be better equipped in the future? How can bridges be built across the field and generate collaboration rather than competition? How can it be ensured that experienced and visionary dance artists do not stop doing what they are supposed to do, namely, create and disseminate dance art? How can young, vulnerable dance artists become more viable in a changing field? What does dance look like in 10 years? And how can dance gain greater space and visibility in public?

These are among the many questions we ask in the interview series “Let’s talk dance”.

Do you want to contribute ideas, thoughts or input? Do you have tips for interviewees? Send us a PM, or contact the editor-in-chief of the project, Johanna Holt Kleive –

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