Syndyastikon Zoon


Syndyastikon zoon is a notion of standing together in the darkest moment.

Sep 15 marianne (1604)

Syndyastikon zoon is a performance about standing together in the darkest hour, about having to leave and leave and take nothing with you, about fleeing to seek safety and not knowing what will come around the next corner. In the performance, we meet a human chain traveling through the landscape. It both folds and unfolds, and it can seem unbreakable. But a link can also disintegrate or break when the load becomes too great. The performance also draws inspiration from Aristotle, who in his time called man a Syndyastikon Zoon. He saw man as an animal, which is created to live together, often in pairs. He believed that we were created together in symbiosis, to be able to both experience and survive life on earth.

Syndyastikon Zoon is a site-specific project that unfolds in the face of the landscape at Semsvann in Asker. It takes place during Culture Night. The performance is realized through a collaboration between Marianne Haugli, composer Thomas Strønen, costume designer Zofia Jakubiec and dance students from VG2 and VG3 at Rud upper secondary school. The project is supported by Panta Rei Danseteater and Talent Norway and Sparebankstiftelsen DNB through the program TILT Share, of which Marianne Haugli is part through the year 2022.