We are TILTing in Røros


Although dance has long traditions, also here in Norway, the art form is underestimated in my opinion. We need arenas to discuss dance and art projects that allow for reflection so that more people can have a conscious relationship with dance. Silence – the performance by Panta Rei Dance Theatre, which was recently shown in Røros, and the TILT project that the company conducts in Trøndelag provides room for testing, reflection and making it possible to dive into the dance.

Wide r ros kulturskole

Dance has been around since the dawn of time in all cultures. The form and content of dance are as diverse as the many cultures of humanity. And if you ask the question Why dance? – The answers are many. Some say that the dance’s physical appearance is crucial, others say that the dance ensures good mental health and some will respond that they dance to be able to be with other people and do something meaningful. Collecting for most is that the dance creates identity, feels liberating and enriches life in one way or another.

I have a strong relationship with scenic dance and am proud to have established and developed the ballet in Røros. I started in Holtålen Cultural School before I continued my education in Røros cultural school. I teach mainly in classical, but also use other techniques such as jazz and modern to adapt the teaching of each student’s ambitions. I see no limitations on the dance – for me the teaching is about individual adaptation and a creative approach to the students’ needs. Still, I have an unwavering belief that knowledge of the classic ballet’s unique form, aesthetic expression and approach to logical thinking creates a good foundation for enjoying all dance. The students I teach are sought after as practitioners in all local productions, which I am very proud of. As I see it, this is a good proof of the classical ballet’s ability to create the best foundation for approaching all styles and genres of dance and stage performances.

For my students it was both pleasant and useful to get the offer to dance prologues to the professional performances that are shown through Dansenett Norway in Røros this fall. First they danced before the show Silence in Dahlsgården in an incredibly good atmosphere. I was touched and deeply grateful that someone chose to open his home to house the dance. It shows good understanding of the importance of art and culture. It was an incredibly challenging situation for my students to dance in a living room, but it gave them a great opportunity to learn to be spontaneous and flexible in meeting new arenas. The TILT project impresses as a large and content-rich program, and it is very positive that Panta Rei arouses interest in the dance for more children and adults who have not previously had any relation to dance through slightly unconventional projects and performances. And for us it is especially important that the project also accommodates local talents.

Finally, I must say that dance is my life. I took a master’s degree in classical ballet at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and I really enjoy being able to share the knowledge I brought with me from there and build the dance environment further in Røros. Choreographing for and with the students is also alot of fun. Now I’m just looking forward to Make Me Dance coming to Røros, and the students will once again be allowed to share the evening with Panta Rei Dance Theater.