TILT in Oslo


This year Panta Rei Dance Theater collaborates with Dansens Hus in Oslo. We want to reach out to everyone who lives in the district of Grünerløkka and who may not know about the amazing dance offer that exists there. We will do many different things during TILT in Oslo:

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Foto: Neil Nisbet

We are making the movie The entire Grünerløkka dances and involve all dance institutions in the district together with children, youth and employees in different stores, restaurants and organizations. The film is to create a positive image of Grünerløkka district as an exciting place for children to grow up regardless of cultural and demographic affiliation.

Roadscape: A large camera obscura in the form of a caravan will be placed in Birkelunden and at Vulkan. Anyone who wants to can come in and watch the world turn upside-down through the lens or take a picture of themselves. The pictures will be exhibited at Dansens Hus and will show the width of the population in the district.

Children and young people from the youth-club The dragon, students from the Schous cultural station and students from Westerdals will dance at Dansens Hus together with Panta Rei.

Silence is a matter of perception will visit peoples homes and be shown in appartments at Grünerløkka. The TILT Grow dancers will show the performance before they settle down with a cup of coffee or tea and talk about personal experiences related to the home; personal stories related to joy, sorrow and that bring warmth into the home on a cold autumn day. The families are also offered to dance with us.

Children and youth from Subsdans are going to dance in duets with professionals (the TILT Grow dancers) that will appear different places outdoors at Grünerløkka. We are also in dialogue with Flow, a school focusing on urban dance, and Oslo National Academy og the Arts in order to create a co-production between students at both schools.

Flashmob song

This year we collaborate with the musician Trond Wiger about TILT song 2018. He has donated song: Ka du tror that should be recorded in all the dialects involved in TILT this year: Ålesund, Molde, Trønderlag and Oslo. We think it is really cool that no less than four rappers are singing with us and creating local attachement to the projects through music.

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Foto: Neil Nisbet
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