As part of TILT Grow 2020, eight participants in the talent program each made their own solo in collaboration with a national or internationally renowned choreographer.

Cesilie nittedal2


When the concrete dissolves, we no longer know what we are or have been. We stop imitating and do not present reality as it is usually perceived.


Golden is an energetic dance full of unexpected movements letting tiredness, uniqueness & weirdness slip in. She is dancing like no one is watching, breathing and sweating, standing still at hectic times, reflecting the world of today.


With a skewed look at the world of fairy tales, the dancers take us on a journey where you as an audience can create your own story. Who are they and what do knights, princesses and trolls want?


Spirit rises, feathers fall. This dance haiku is inspired by Icarus, and weaves together flight, falling, loving, learning, loss, and the longing to live intensely. In a time when we can not be too close, how are we to find closeness?


“I just need to work that maze inside my mind. For the life of me, I do not remember what I came to find. Now tell me princess. ” (Assaf Avidan, The Labyrinth Song)


A meeting between two kings. He alone: ​​The urban, lost, – arrogant, but still frightened by the rugged and dark terrain, in search of his comrade who is the king of the forest. He second: The king of the forest has stumbled and is left at the edge of the ditch, also lost, and without either direction or territory. About friendship and inequality. About sharing life and habitats.


Fanfare is traditionally a signal of trumpets or horns used as a sign of joy or tribute. We have created a fanfare in motion based on what an inherent feeling of joy can have as a potential for playfulness, liberation, passion and power.


The Mayfly solo is a life shown in rewind, ending on a note of hope however it encourages a level of individual interpretation.

The Mayfly is used as a powerful symbol throughout history. Why do we give such importance to this Mayfly and it’s 1 day of life? Perhaps because we struggle to give importance to our own, much longer life?

There is perhaps a bitter sweet simplicity in having just 24 hours, one singular day of beautiful undeniable importance.

The Mayfly has been used to resemble the explicit link between heaven and earth, to even suggest a cosmic resonance between sacred and profane, celestial and terrestrial, macrocosm and microcosm.

Originally created to be performed outdoors, this solo, like the presence of a Mayfly, indicates an unpolluted environment – In our current day, with both our own and the environments ever declining health it’s inevitable not to be touched by thoughts of mortality and our fragile planet during these times.

If we had 1 day to live, how would we treat ourselves, others, our planet?