SOLO – a collaboration between Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre and Panta Rei Dance Theatre

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The promenade performance Solo took the audience on a dance journey through the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, exploring the theatre’s corners in a completely new and surprising way. Through foyers, stages, ceilings, corridors, greenrooms, outdoor areas, and stairwells—many places that are usually inaccessible to the public. The entire theatre became a stage where small micro-worlds unfolded, addressing contemporary issues such as the climate crisis, the search for identity, or loneliness.

Through movement, imagery, sound, light, projection, and reflection, SOLO became a story about humans’ relationship with the world, nature, and space. It was a unique journey, revealing a portrait of contemporary humanity.

The performance lasted 95 minutes.

SOLO” ran from March 15. until March 17. at the The Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre.

Aurora gdansk (389)
Torill gdansk (518)
Ellinor gdansk (55)
Gdansk arthur (548)
Julie agata gdansk (299) enhanced nr
Malika gdansk (802)
Natalia gdansk (789)
Oliver gdansk (441)
Photo: Neil Nisbet/Article19