Tilt Grow 2024


In 2024, the talent programme TILT Grow will take place for the seventh time. The programme is supported by Talent Norway and Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, and is carried out in collaboration with Dansens Hus.

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Welcome to the 7th year of Tilt Grow with a brand new group of professional dancers in 2024. Participants in the programme receive individual artistic development with leading choreographers, mentor support and a series of tailor-made seminars. An important part of TILT Grow is also gaining in-depth knowledge about moving beyond the edge of the stage. Participants gain experience of this through teaching, choreography and project management.

Anders Engebretsen

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Photo: Neil Nisbet/Article19

Anders Engebretsen communicates dance with humour and charm, nationally and internationally, in indoor and outdoor spaces. His projects celebrate awkward virtuosity and spontaneity, and experiment with structures, timing, anticipation and humour. He trained as a dance artist at London Contemporary Dance School, with an MA in contemporary dance from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. As a dancer, Anders has worked in productions by Ida Cathrin Utvik, STICKY Productions and Ingri Fiksdal, among others, and has collaborated closely with Carl Aquilizan for several years, as well as with Marit Meløe as the duo Meløe/Engebretsen. His own work has been programmed by RAS, Bærum Kulturhus, and at festivals all over Norway and abroad.

Emma Jansen

Photo: Neil Nisbet/Article19

Emma Jansen (b.1999) is based in Oslo, and works as a performing and creative dance artist in other people’s and her own projects. Drawing is also part of her work, and she explores the meeting point and intersection between these two forms of expression. Emma graduated from KHiO with a bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance (2022). After completing her studies, she was part of NSP 2 (Nagelhus Schia Productions) where she worked with Therese Markhus, Ian Ancheta and Ingun Bjørnsgaard, among others, and is part of NSP’s tour with the work “In C” by Sasha Waltz and Terry Riley. Emma also participates in the children’s performance “Flekker” by Yaniv Cohen. As a creative theatre artist, she works intuitively and playfully, in relation to fellow performers and objects. She has co-choreographed the duet “OUTSTANDING” (Dans5, 2022 & DansINN, 2023), created the work “SLEEPOVER” (Extract Mind The Gap 2023), and is working on the solo project “How I look inside me” (Gamle Munch 2023).

Katja Weber

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Photo: Neil Nisbet/Article19

Katja Weber McGunnigle is a 22-year-old dancer from Oslo. She started dancing nine years ago and has had a growing interest in contemporary dance ever since. Katja Weber has recently completed a bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. "For me, dance is largely about the meeting between people and the ability to connect and create relationships through movement, dialogue and discussion. I’m interested in challenging the body’s capacity and physical possibilities. I am fascinated by what happens in processes where the body is challenged to its maximum capacity. What happens in the encounter between one’s own and others’ limitations? And what kind of expressions can it provoke? I look forward to my time in TILT grow. Here I will have the opportunity to dive deeper into my own artistry and work co-creatively with resourceful professionals. Furthermore, I look forward to being part of a community where we can share, inspire and support each other in the future.

Shelmith Øseth

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Photo: Neil Nisbet/Article19

I’m Shelmith Øseth, a Kenyan-Norwegian dancer and performer based in Bergen, Norway. I got some of my training from studying at Langhaugen Dance High School and the School of Contemporary Dance in Sweden, aswell as working professionally with dance and theatre companies such as; The Norwegian Theatre in Oslo, The Nordic Beasts in Denmark, ZEBU Theatre in Denmark, Den Nasjonale Scene in Bergen, Nordic Black in Oslo, and others. My motivation is my desire for the continuation of growth as an artist and as a person. I hope for more people to have access to dance. Not just as “dance in a party” dance, but dance as in the wisdom and knowledge that’s within dance, the value it carries in the society, performances, dance classes and more

Carl Aquilizan

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Photo: Neil Nisbet/Article19

Carl Aquilizan is a Norwegian-Filipino dance artist, based in Oslo. Carl works as a choreographer and performer in various projects, and has worked with Katrine Kirsebom, Kyuja Bae, Daniel Lukehurst, Martijn Joling, Tormod Skår Midtbø, Live Skullerud, Hagit Yakira and Francesco Scavetta/Wee (NO/SE). Some independent works include the solo performance Flower boy, which is part of Dansenett Norway 2024, and the performance Blooming (performed at Kloden Theatre and the Munch Museum). Carl has also previously performed his works for platforms such as Burst (Yorkshire Dance, Leeds), Dans/5, Vin og Valsen, Mind the Gap, Koreografilaboratoriet (Dansens Hus, Oslo), Open Out Festival and Bikubekvelden at Det Norske Teateret.

Tormod Tora Skår Midtbø

Photo: Neil Nisbet/Article19

Tormod Tora Skår Midtbø is an Oslo-based dance artist from Fjaler in Sunnfjord. Since graduating in 2020, he has participated in productions by choreographers such as Inés Belli, Tom Weinberger (NSP2) and Stian Danielsen. He also produces his own choreographic works, and presents his first full-length work at Black Box Teater during Ultimaf