Showbox: SOLOS - TILT Grow 2020


Join us for a digital promenad show on December 4th and experience eight performances in and around Sentralen, the stunning new location for culture in Oslo.

Photo: Lise Skjæraasen
Photo: Lise Skjæraasen

On Friday the 13th of November Showbox launched their digital program. The 16th edition of Showbox will be, to put it mildly, very different than before.

This year the young dancers in TILT Grow have created solos in collaboration with a Norwegian or internationally renowned choreographer. While some of the dancers were able to work in person with their dance makers others explored their creative connections by working online.

On Friday 4th of December we invite you to experience the results of these varied collaborations during an indoor promenade performance.

This performance is part of the Showbox-festival and is a collaboration between Sentralen, Panta Rei Dance Theatre, Performing Arts Hub Norway and Showbox.