In 2020, Panta Rei Dance Theater celebrated 20 years. Have a look at our anniversary film!

Anne 2000 image film shoot

In so may ways 2020 was not a year that you would associate with celebration. But for us at Panta Rei Dansetater not only did we celebrate the efforts of our dancers and our staff as they innovated their way through months of challenges to deliver dozens of projects and performances for our audience but we also celebrated our 20th anniversary.

Since 2000 the company has grown from a small, individual endeavour into an organisation that has toured the world, performed for hundreds of thousands of people, and introduced many more to the wide world of dance through participation activities and learning opportunities.

These journeys are never easy. Every day is a challenge, but when you don’t lose sight of the goals; bringing joy to people through dance, often times you’re winning even when it feels like you might be losing.

This film is our short story about that journey. We hope you enjoy looking back with us as the company looks forward to the next 20 years of creating, touring, teaching and participating.