New talents for TILT Grow #4


New talents have been selected for TILT Grow # 4. Read and learn who they are here!

Photo: Neil Nisbet / Article19
Photo: Neil Nisbet / Article19

Panta Rei Dance Theatre is currently working on the seventh version of TILT and the fourth version of TILT Grow! This year the program will be tailored for the Viken region and Gamle Oslo. We are very happy to announce three more years with support from Talent Norge for our talent development program.

On Thursday the 17th of December we held “audition” for the fourth edition of our talent development program. Of almost 100 applicants 15 were invited for an inteview, and six young dancers have been selected for TILT Grow #4.

These six great dance artists participate in TILT Grow 2020:

  • Victor A. O. Pedersen
  • Iannes Bruylant
  • Martine Bentsen
  • LouDitaranto
  • Karianne Andreassen
  • Sarjo Sankareh

Participants in the program will:

  • Be co-creative performer in solo performance.
  • Participate in a series of seminars on the management of one’s own art in collaboration with Dansens Hus.
  • Participate in TILT-outreach projects in relation and following the tour.
  • Tour of their solo at various viewing arenas in Viken in 2021. (also through the project Oslofjorden danser)
  • Receive guidance from a mentor throughout the project year 2021.

About TILT Grow:

TILT Grow is one of PRD’s main initiatives and shall promote outstanding achievements in dance theater / contemporary dance, as well as make the participants more self-sustained/viable in a field that is constantly changing. The program is also linked to PRD’s new initiative, Oslofjorden danser. This will be one of the arenas of performances during the tour. Four to ten professional dancers are selected each year to participate in a one-year talent program. The program will annually produce one or more works for and with the talents in the program. The performances will be on tour through the project TILT and Oslofjorden danser, this is done through collaboration with municipalities, cities, culture houses and stages in the region where the projects are carried out. The program contains a mentoring scheme with a minimum of six meetings each year as well as several gatherings / seminars where participants meet national and international artists and other relevant professionals who have succeeded in their field.

Photo: Neil Nisbet / Article19
Photo: Neil Nisbet / Article19
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