Meeting point


In September 2019, elderly people living at home got to see dance at Stange upper secondary school.

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On Monday 16 September, elderly home residents associated with health services in the home were invited to Stange upper secondary school. There was a social gathering with coffee and cakes both before and after the dance performance.

The performance consisted of dancers in Vg2 and Vg3 on the dance line at Stange VGS, choreographed by Cecilie Sleppen Ålskog and Ingebjørg Lutnæs. They also got to see an excerpt from En… as with Oliver Sale and Nora Martine Svenning. Frida Vorgaard and Minda Marie Kalfoss showed their TILT Grow solos.

Meeting point with dance performance was carried out in collaboration with volunteer Inger Sleppen, Stange Red Cross and Ottestad volunteer center.

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