Dancing on the Oslo Fjord


Panta Rei Danseteater’s new venture; tailor-made promenade performances along the Oslo Fjord.


Norway as a country is rooted in the outdoors. The landscape, the forests, the fjords, the beautiful light and the crisp, fresh air call on us to be in nature. In contrast, the theatre world often asks us to be inside and in the dark, narrowly focused on just one space.

Over the next three years Panta Rei Danseteater want to bring you into the stunning landscape around Oslo for “Oslofjorden danser” (Dancing on the Oslo Fjord), bringing dance into a new setting far removed from the local culture house and traditional performance spaces.

The company will be collaborating with local dancers, artists and other groups to bring you a festival of dance, art and colour in spectacular places. Panta Rei will be presenting works informed and inspired by the location we choose and the artists we work with over the coming years.

For 2021 you can join our promenade performances in the municipality of Asker, the beautiful island and fortress at Oscarsborg, the borough of Gamle Oslo (Old Oslo) for a unique journey on the river, floating along in artisan, wooden boats, as well as stopping by Romeriksåsen in the municipality of Gjerdrum.

Supported by The DNB Savings Bank Foundation.