CODAseminar: Dance for life


How can involvement projects help to create and facilitate values such as equality and liberation, through collaboration and creative expression?

Cocoondance probe dream city vom 05.01.2019 ©foto fabrice erba 80 scaled

CODA invites to a panel discussion

Moderated by Lavleen Kaur (actress and criminologist), and a movement workshop led by German CocoonDance.

How can a participation-project help create and encourage values such as equality and liberation, through cooperation and creative expression?
Using Norwegian and international participation-projects as starting off-points, where amateur and professional participants work as equals, this seminar will provide insight into these projects – as well as into the importance of dance and art in a larger societal perspective.

Choreographers and dancers from CocoonDance (DE) will participate digitally, while representatives from TekstLab, Panta Rei, JM Norway, Norwegian Arts Council, Kloden and The Cultural Rucksack will be present for a discussion moderated by Lavleen Kaur.