TWO is a physical and playful duet about fighting, interacting and finding a common ground in movement and expression.

21.10.2016TO: Forset skole, Gausdal.Event
20.10.2016TO: Follebu skole, Gausdal.Event
18.10.2016TO: Engjom skole, Gausdal.Event
17.10.2016TO: Engjom skole, Gausdal.Event
13.10.2016TO: Thune skole.Event
12.10.2016TO: Korta skole.Event
11.10.2016TO: Reinsvoll skole.Event
10.10.2016TO: Raufoss skole.Event
22.09.2016TO: Ulnes Montessoriskule/Skrautvål Montessoriskole.Event
21.09.2016TO: Nord-Aurdal barneskole.Event
20.09.2016TO: Nord-Aurdal barneskole.Event
19.09.2016TO: Nord-Aurdal barneskole.Event