Som en del av TILT Grow 2023 har deltagerne i talentprogrammet laget hver sin solo i samarbeid med seks nasjonalt anerkjente koreografer.

Fredrikstad photo shoot (8)
foto: Neil Nisbet/Article19 Danser Ellinor Ødegård Staurbakk

Aurora Itland

Figuren i The Island Within er inspirert av europeiske “wild men” og deres paganistiske ritualer, der de kler seg opp
i dødt naturmateriale. Ritualet skal jage bort det døde og feire fertilitet.

The Island Within

Medskapende danser: Aurora Itland
Koreograf: Ina Christel Johannessen
Musikk: Pan Daijing
Kostyme (Wild Man): Aurora Itland
& Ina Christel Johannessen

Foto: Neil Nisbet/Article19

Oliver Sale

Perceiving binary as something static, lacking flexibility and movement ‘A Knowledge of Hope’ is an attempt to express the need to create space, fluidity and expression beyond those rigids parameters. It is a glimpse that shows the potential of the spaces in between.

A Knowledge of Hope

Medskapende danser: Oliver Sale
Koreograf: Daniel Mariblanca
Musikk: White Cedar by The Mountain Goats (Performed live by Oliver Sale)

Foto: Neil Nisbet/Article19

Ellinor Ødegård Staurbakk

“Elemental Traces” unveils the echoes of embodied histories and glimpses into the physical essence effecting our existence. As we share unique movement qualities in a process of creation, a tapestry of shared understanding emerges. Interwoven with harmonious music, expansive space, and the fluidity of time, this enchanting exploration offers fresh insights into embodiment whilst unfurling a dynamic musical journey.

Elemental Traces

Medskapende danser: Ellinor Staurbakk
Koreograf: Russell Maliphant
Musikk: Isla Drew

Foto:Neil Nisbet/Article19

Torril Kolsrud

A million little pieces deals with the conflicts that a new beginning might implicate. It deals with the painful birth of something new. Not necessarily a new life in the biological sense, but the birth of a new identity, a new self-consciousness that is grounded on struggle and takes its strength from the awareness of a battle being won. In the piece the body faces different stages on the way to his rebirth and renewal.
In-between-states that one has to face on the way to every decision.

Human, animal or plant: all living creatures are connected with and related to one another in an endless river of time. No development without a previous development. Every human is rooted in the endless story of evolution and is a unique creation of nature.

A Million Little Pieces

Medskapende danser: Torill Kolsrud
Koreograf: Sita Ostheimer
Musikk: Levana (Rework) by Yehezkel Raz

May 28 fredrikstad (1419)
Foto: Neil Nisbet/Article19

Malika Berney

As the earth sees us all too busy hiding away from life, distraught and paralysed she can do nothing but cry” The solo is inspired by the state of emergency of our natural environment, which is suffering the terrible consequences of erratic human behaviour. The somewhat unconscious betrayal of an oblivious society. Detached from nature, we have abandoned what’s most precious about our reality: life. Living in denial of the natural
picture we are a part of and, most essentially, the life we actually are. It is crucial to our species survival to find ourselves, reconnect with nature and become a compassionate society. Pergolesi’s musical composition Stabat Mater, based on the medieval poem of the same name, depicts a mournful Mary weeping at the feet of her crucified son.

The inconsolable heartbreak of a mother watching her child die becomes the metaphor of Mother. An expressionist solo about nature’s overwhelming experience of our contemporary society, acting out in full self-destructive mode.


Medskapende danser: Malika Berney
Koreograf: Daniel Proietto
Musikk: Stabat Mater by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

May 28 fredrikstad (343)
Foto: Neil Nisbet/Article19 Danser:Mailka Berney

Sindre Eriksson Vik

I en fossende strøm av energier dyttes Sindre inn i fragmenterte bevegelser, drar, sklir og skaper utbrudd av “momentum travel”. I en drivende omfavnelse og kartlegging av omgivelsene utbroderer han en egen logikk for spenninger, motstand, kast og slipp. En synkopert og svingende tilstand full av potent energi.


Medskapende danser: Sindre Eriksson Vik
Koreograf: Harald Beharie

Foto: Neil Nisbet/Article19
Fredrikstad photo shoot (8)
foto: Neil Nisbet/Article19 Danser Ellinor Ødegård Staurbakk
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