Perfomance Nittedal


An evening of dance, music and film in the culture house, kulturverket Flammen, with local participants and Panta Rei Dance Theatre’s performance En…som.


During TILT En…som played in the local culture house and on the 4th of September we visited kulturverket Flammen. Before the performance you could experience Cesilie Kverneland’s solo Folded, Nittedal Youth Choir dancing and signing in the library, the movie Nittedal danser on the big screen and Nittedal Soul Teens performing their own version of the flashmob song. On stage, just before the performance of En…som began we presented Danseverket Dance Company together with Panta Rei Dancer, Julie D. Ekornes, dance a piece made by TILT Grow talent, Cesilie Kverneland.